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90's Country Flashback @ 5pm
Hosted by: Big Daddy

Each week, host Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt plays a full hour of the biggest hits from the
greatest decade in country music history, from the neotraditionalist movement set in
place by the "Class of '89" to the country pop craze of the latter half of the decade.
Nile will also share the latest news as it pertains to the artists of the time, as well
as fun facts and song trivia. His connection with listeners throughout the show is
unprecedented, and is seen in his frequent taking of listener requests and interactions
with fans on Facebook. The result - a perfect program to air on TRC radio.

Showtime - Tuesday at 5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Young Country Stampede @ 5pm
Hosted by: Bob Krebs

The Young Country Stampede Weekly Radio Show provides its listeners with a look at new
and upcoming country singles from both established and aspiring artists, all interspersed
with fun facts and trivia. The program's host, Bob Krebs, brings with him a lifelong
passion for country music and an impressive resume to boot. We aren't constrained by
single release schedules, chart positions, or any of the other limitations, that's why
you'll hear new country singles months before radio starts playing them, as well as some
pretty awesome songs that didn't do so hot on the charts. Even further by throwing in some
songs from Nashville's upcoming artists and, yes, a handful of those #1 singles that you
just can't go without. Hear it all on the YCS Weekly Radio Show, bringing you the widest
assortment of new country music on the radio!

Showtime - Wednesday at 5:00 pm (Pacific Time)

615 The Grind @ 6pm
Hosted by: Big Daddy

615 The Grind plays a variety of contemporary country music. Much like the Young Country
Stampede Weekly Radio Show, selections range from recent chart toppers to upcoming
artists. However, whereas YCS focuses on the current hits climbing the charts,
615 The Grind places additional emphasis on both recurrent hits from earlier in the
decade and aspiring artists from the independent scene, resulting in a unique blend
of songs that still blend seamlessly with one another. In addition, Big Daddy will share
the latest in country music news throughout the program, from information on concerts and
tours to memorable moments involving some of the industry's biggest stars.
Hosted by Nile "Big Daddy" Peaytt straight out of Nashville, this hour-long weekly program
brings its listeners the best in today's country, along with the latest music news
from the Music City.

Showtime - Thursday at 6:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Cousin Ed @ 9pm
The Slopping Gravy Master

Slop the Gravy with Cousin Ed and the Ya' Hoos for It's three (3) hours of fun
directly from the archives of Cousin Ed Studios in Puyallup WA.
Classics, Currents, Instramentals, Bluegrass, & Comedy in Country Music and more.
Tune in to Cousin Ed for all the fun you can have sloppin gravy every Thursday Night..

Showtime - Thursday Night 9:00 pm to Midnight (Pacific Time)

78 Saturdays
Every Saturday!

From our special in house programming through all day you get to hear
all the great 78 RPM records from our very own archives. Every 78rpm record that
we play on the air has been in house remastered by our very own Recording Masters
Tune in for Our kind of Classic Country Music from the 20's - 50's

Saturday from Authentic 78 rpm records. Tune in 78 Saturdays



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