The Right Country Stream Information

Our Broadcast Stream is Eight in one. Let us explain. First we are broadcasting using MP3Pro compression technology, that means any player including smart phones that can decode MP3 will receive our stream at CD audio quality even at the lower bandwidth we are using.

Our Broadcast Stream to Radio Stations (Terracasting) is 44.1khz Stereo Wideband - Secured Link!
Our Public stream is 64 KBBS 44.1khz Stereo - MP3Pro.

You don't need a media player that can handle MP3Pro but it does make the station sound as clear as it can get.

Our recommended players that can handle MP3pro is the Winamp Player and our Web Widgets we offer.
Winamp with the free MP3pro plugin, Jet Audio and Real Player.
Windows Media 12.

Why do we stream at lower bandwidth other than 128 kbbs or higher?
The reason is so you the listener can keep the station on while your surfing the web and not drop the station, especially for DSL, WI-FI, & smart phone users.

We try to keep the music clean and clear as possible with our own Digital Studios for we process 78's to the 45's and 33 - 1/3 rpm records to (8) Eight Track Cartridge, Cassettes and Open Reel Tape. Mostly the home user types of music that was available in it's time.

Now You, as the listener know why we have such a huge music library and it keeps on getting better.
If you know of an artist or song that we may not have please let us know so we can find it, and get it in the system for your request.

Thanks for listening to us, and help spread the word, The Right Country.

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