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Are you a Independent Artist that is trying to get your material and music out there. Now You have a chance to record with Johnny Neel from The Allman Brothers in Nashville. Click on the logo below for more information.
Straight-Up Sound Nashville TN.




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Local Artist Billy Ray Russell   Local Artists The Russells   Indie Artist Billy Craig   Indie Artist Denzel Crabtree   Indie Artist Danny Hooper
Billy Ray Russell
Coal Train Express
  The Russells   Billy Craig   Denzel Crabtree   Danny Hooper
Indie Artist Lisa Dames   Indie Artist Bill Archer   Indie Artist Darren Kozelsky Band   Indie Artist Clare Cooper   Indie Artist Sal Belloise
Lisa Dames   Bill Archer   Darren Kozelsky   Clare Cooper   Sal Belloise
Indie Artist Rick Huckaby   Indie Artist Rob Logar   Indie Artist Dallas Moore   Indie Artist Todd Berry   Indie Artist Jay Hollis
Rick Huckaby   Rob Lugar   Dallas Moore   Todd Berry   Jay Hollis
Indie Artist Garry Bonnett   Indie Artist Ridge Runner   Indie Artist Charlie Allen   Indie Artist U A Morrison   Indie Artist Randy Clark
Gary Bonnett   Ridge Runner   Charlie Allen   U. A. Morrison   Randy Clark
Indie Artist Clay DuBose   Indie Artist The Roys   Indie Artist Herrick   Indie Artist Tommy Joe Wilson   Indie Artist Steve Barraza
Clay DuBose   The Roys   Herrick   Tommy Joe Wilson   Steve Barraza
Local Artists - Swamp Soul  
Swamp Soul