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Rob Logar was born with a guitar in his hand. He was not only the son of musicians but grew up in a musically endowed family. He was raised on country, gospel and bluegrass, but as he grew older he found that country interested him the most. After hearing the works of artists such as Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, there was no doubt about the path that he would pursue. He formed the Whiskey River Band, and after a decade is still remembered for his honky-tonk sound. After Whiskey River, Rob began writing songs and forming his more recent band called Modern Day Outlaws, a five member band from West Virginia. Rob’s writing and musical styles range from the sweetest melodies to the driving country that the fans crave. With the arrival of his new CD, he hopes to reach those fans and sway the country “skeptics”. Rob (lead vocals and guitar/rhythm guitar) has played in a variety of venues ranging from many outdoor fairs and festivals to numerous clubs and music halls. He has also had the pleasure of opening the show for various acts over the years. While in downtime from the music business he became a registered BMI writer and began working on a CD of original music titled Modern Day Outlaw. He also decided to form the band called Modern Day Outlaws and started to search for local musicians. He met Bill Cleavenger (bass player/back up vocals) and his wife, Patty (lead and back up vocals) one Saturday evening after their performance at a country music hall. Rob immediately knew that Bill was an original and was thrilled to learn that he was a songwriter. Bill was also registered through BMI as a songwriter so they made the decision to team up to write songs and play music. Rob also knew after hearing Patty’s dynamic vocals that he wanted her to be a part of what was happening, so she became the third member of the band. The fourth member to join was Randy Beall (drums). He and Rob met at a country music venue where Randy was the house drummer. Rob was impressed with his performance and the rest, as they say, is history. The final member, Melvin Shiflett (lead/rhythm guitar), and Rob had been acquainted in the music business for many years before he joined the Outlaws. Melvin’s wide array of guitar talent sent Rob on a quest to find the “right man for the job”. This interesting collection of talent has contributed to the outstanding blend of vocal harmonies and the unique sound found within their music. Rob and the Modern Day Outlaw band have played a number of venues since getting together in 2007. Most notably, they performed at the 2008 Strawberry Festival in Upshur County, WV (one of the biggest festivals in the area). Following their performance the director commented, “the band and their sound had exceeded her expectations and she would be elated if they would return for the 2009 feature”. They are currently booked to perform at the Sagebrush Round-Up, which is the CMA of country music in WV as well as the country music hall of fame. They will be performing many of their original songs including “Outlaw Guitar Picker” (with a Waylon Jennings/Hank Jr. influence). This song is an upbeat crowd pleaser to the extent that members of the audience attempt to sing along despite the fact they have never heard it. “Thank You”, Rob’s first original tearjerker, was made into a video and entered into The Next GAC Star video contest. It ranked within the top 15 overall in the fan favorites and was in the top 50% of all amateur & professional entries. Newer releases, such as “Forever” & “Got It Bad”, are currently online at Music Rush and are charting at #3 & #4 (respectively) out of over 1000 submissions. The Modern Day Outlaw sound is truly unique and appeals to an array of audiences. Rob brings this music to its highest level with his superb vocal ability, and the mixture of music can grab the soul of any open-minded listener. With the combined sounds of old and new in conjunction with the bands unquestionable musical abilities, the end result is something so heart-felt and sincere that a long-lasting connection is ultimately inevitable.


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