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Hillbilly Roy


Hillbilly Roy

I’m Roy Newcomer also known as Hillbilly Roy, that name was created for me at KJUN radio in 1990. Since that time working in radio I have built quite a following of listeners all over the Northwest.

I have worked with some of the greats in country music in various capacities I.E. engineer, Master of Ceremonies, Recording Engineer, Mixer and the like and would not trade the experiences for anything; they are Priceless to say the least.

My love for music I guess has always been there, but the hook was set early in high school   where I began DJing the school dances and fell in love with music and radio, it has been a passion of mine every since then.  From high school to the present I have been working in the music & radio industry in one form or fashion. Our current project THE RIGHT COUNTY RADIO NETWORK was born on June 20th 2006 – the driving force behind the network is The Listeners and Staff – and our mutual love for classic Country. That's why we can say 100 Years Of Country And Can Prove It

Hooo-rah for The Right Country!
R A Newcomer CEO/PD Creator